CRI Bolt On Serrated Tooth Bars

These compact tractor and mini skid steer bolt on serrated tooth bars are manufactured from 1/2″ thick high carbon, hardened steel, specifically designed to resist abrasion while remaining ductile enough absorb impacts without cracking like other more brittle AR steels found in many competitors products.

Designed for easy installation and removal with carriage bolts and flange nuts, the only tool needed is a 3/4″ socket or wrench. Additionally, these cutting edges maintain a smooth bottom edge, allowing you to back drag smoothly with the edge attached. The shanks on other toothed bars will often extend below the cutting edge, preventing a smooth grade after digging.

While some competitors require drilling mounting holes in the bucket sides, at Cold Roll Industrial we understand that this creates a localized stress concentration and will eventually lead to stress cracking and failure of your bucket. The Cold Roll Industrial Serrated Tooth Bar only requires drilling of your existing cutting edge for mounting and doesn’t compromise the structural strength of your bucket. Check out our analysis below for the comparison.

Available in various widths and colors to match your compact tractor or Mini Skid Steer. Common bucket widths are available below, to order a custom width please fill out the contact form and include your desired width, color (gloss black or green) as well as your shipping zip code. All bolt on serrated tooth bars include mounting hardware. Installation requires drilling 1/2″ or 17/32″ bolt holes.

John Deere 53″ Bucket (54.875″ Edge Width) – $250 including FREE shipping

John Deere 61″ HD Bucket – $287.50 including FREE shipping

John Deere 72″ HD Bucket (75.125″ Edge Width, 6″ Bolt Spacing) – $325 including FREE shipping

Gloss Black Edge 48-52″ Width (Specify overall width in payment comments or by contacting us after ordering) – $235 including FREE shipping

Serrated Tooth Bar PicturesJohn Deere

Serrated Tooth Bar Pictures – Universal Black