CRI Mini Skid Steer Stump and Trenching Buckets

CRI Industrial Skid Steer Stump and Concrete Buckets 

CRI SB10 Mini Stump Bucket

Based on our full size skid steer Stump Grapple and buckets, this stump and trenching bucket is designed to withstand the toughest conditions.  Featuring a 10″ wide mouth, maximum ground pressure can be applied to get through even the most compacted soils. 

Heavy duty?  Construction Grade?  Extreme duty?  These are common marketing terms thrown around by other manufacturers.  Don’t be fooled though, the CRI bucket is made from thick 3/8″ Grade 50 American Steel which provides higher strength than typical 1/2″ steel yet saves weight to increase machine lifting effectiveness . The laminated 3/4″ tooth bar creates 1.125″ of steel to complete even the most challenging jobs.  The bolt on tooth plate can also quickly be removed (or replaced when necessary) for precision bucket work where standard buckets won’t fit.  Bucket depth is 33″ to maximize machine breakout force and productivity. These also work extremely well for digging holes for new trees and shrubs.

Available with both universal mini mounts and bob-tach.

Price – CRI Mini SB10 Stump Bucket with Universal Mini Mount

$925.00 + Free Freight in Cont. U.S.*

Price – CRI Mini SB10 Stump Bucket with Bob-Tach Mount

$975.00 + Free Freight in Cont. U.S.*

*These typically ship through Fastenal to your nearest branch for pickup.  Other delivery options are available but may have an additional cost, please contact us for a quote on residential or business delivery.