Compact Tractor Stump Buckets

CRI Compact Tractor Stump and Digging Buckets 

These compact tractor stump and digging buckets are designed to allow you to leave the shovel behind while maintaining your property.  Featuring a 12″ wide mouth (Standard Size, 10″ Sub Compact) with laminated 1/2″ thick front teeth, maximum ground pressure can be applied to get through the toughest soil conditions.  Weighing in at roughly 200 lbs (Standard Size, 145 lbs Sub Compact), these buckets leave plenty of capacity for lifting and moving your removed stumps.  The front teeth can quickly be removed (or replaced when necessary) for precision loader work where your standard width bucket won’t fit.  Bucket depth is 40″ (Standard Size, 32″ Sub Compact).  These also work as a tree spade and for digging holes for new trees and shrubs. 

An optional spade edge is also available.  All buckets include the 3 tooth edge and the optional spade edge can quickly be installed by unbolting the stock edge and bolting the spade edge on.  See our options section at the bottom of this page.    

For use on 20-50hp tractors.  For heavier duty buckets please visit our skid steer attachment page or contact us.  

* The default freight shipping is typically done via Fastenal to your local branch.  This allows you to pick up your attachment at your convenience rather than needing to rearrange your schedule to meet a freight truck.  If a different shipping method is required, please contact us.   **Free freight shipping is only applicable to the lower 48, excluding California.  Please contact us for a quote to excluded regions.  


John Deere Quick Attach – Fits 1-4 series and predecessors with JDQA mounting system 

Price – John Deere Mount Standard Size – Recommended for 3 and 4 Series Tractors, 3025e through 4066r and equivalent predecessors 

$850.00 + Free Freight in Cont. U.S.*

Price – John Deere Mount Sub-Compact – Recommended for 1 and 2 Series Tractors, 1023e through 2038r and equivalent predecessors

$750.00 + Free Freight in Cont. U.S.*


Kubota & Kioti Compact and Sub Compact Skid Steer Quick Attach Stump Bucket

Based on our popular sub compact stump bucket geometry, this bucket has undergone some design improvements to increase usability and capacity.  It features a 32″ bucket depth (not including teeth) and a 10″ mouth width to maximize digging force.  The back plate has also undergone revision and now features a window to improve visibility of the cutting edge when in use.  

$775.00 + Free Freight in Cont. U.S.*


Skid Steer Quick Attach – Grey 

The standard stump bucket for compact tractors, typically recommended for use on 30 – 50 hp tractors.  Skid steer quick attach mounts.  Cold Roll Industrial Grey.  40″ bucket depth and 12″ mouth.  

Price –

$850.00 + Free Freight in Cont. U.S.*


CRI Sub-Compact Stump Bucket.  32″ bucket depth and 10″ mouth.  Recommended for tractors under 35 hp.  

Price –

$775.00 + Free Freight in Cont. U.S.*


Optional Equipment –

Spade Edge – 10″ Sub-Compact Deere Green $75.00 Shipped

Spade Edge – 12″ Compact Deere Green $95.00 Shipped

Spade Edge – 10″ Sub-Compact Kubota Orange $75.00 Shipped

Spade Edge – 12″ Compact CRI Grey $95.00 Shipped

Please view our media page for additional product pictures.  Please contact us with any questions.